Group or Business Endorsement

Because legislative support for TennCan will hinge on the level of community support we can demonstrate, we need to get lots of endorsements from Tennessee businesses, organizations, schools, churches, chambers of commerce, county commissions and many more. To use this page to register the support of an entity you are authorized to represent, please fill out and submit the form below. You may also send us a copy of a position statement, approved resolution, minutes from a board meeting, etc. Simply take a picture of the document with your smartphone (or scan the printed page) and send the image to Marge Davis at or via text message to (615) 294-2651.

Click here to download a PDF of a sample resolution.

Click here to download an editable (Word) version of the sample resolution.

How this information will be used:

  1. Unless they request otherwise, endorsing entities will be listed in the appropriate "constituency" block (organizations, businesses, local governments, media) on our Supporters page. 
  2. Endorsement lists will be shared with some or all state legislators. If an endorser has requested anonymity, we'll note this to the legislator(s) and ask them to treat the information with discretion.
  3. Endorsing entities may be invited to voice their support in other ways, such as by testifying before legislative committees or visiting legislators in their districts.

Endorsement Form for a Group or Business

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