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Because legislative support for TennCan hinges on the level of constituency and community support for a container deposit, we need to get as many endorsements as possible, not only from Tennessee businesses, organizations and local governments, but from you and your Tennessee neighbors. Please fill out and submit the form below to register your personal support (or that of your family) for a 5-cent refundable deposit on glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers sold in Tennessee, with returns to redemption centers. (If you represent a business, organization, local government body, media organization or other entity, please go to the endorsement page for entities or download and submit an entity resolution form.

Endorsement Form for Individuals or Families

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Feel free to print out copies of the form to hand out at your recycling center, farmers market and other places where you're sure to meet folks willing to sign on the spot. (Or you could give them a copy of the TennCan brochure and urge them to go online to register their support.) We also encourage you to print out hard copies of a sample resolution of support to share with local businesses, organizations or legislative bodies (councils, county commissions, etc.). To submit a completed hard copy, simply take a picture of the form with your smartphone and e-mail it to, or send via text message to (615) 294-2651.

How this information will be used:

  1. Your name and city (and that of any family members you list) will be added to the Individuals block on our Supporters page. Please note that we're listing Tennessee residents only. If you support this bill but live in another state, you can still help by inviting every Tennessean you know to get behind this measure.
  2. Endorsement lists will be shared with legislators whose votes in may cases will turn on knowing how many of their fellow Tennesseans support a carefully crafted deposit-return system for the Volunteer State.
  3. Endorsers may be invited to voice their support in other ways, such as by testifying before legislative committees, contacting their legislators, joining a team to visit legislative candidates or incumbents before the November elections, or agreeing to be interviewed for press releases or newspaper stories about the proposed legislation.