The following newspapers, editorials, radio stations and other media entities, mostly  in Tennessee but some elsewhere, have expressed their support for a 5-cent refundable deposit on beverage containers sold in Tennessee, with returns to redemption centers. Please note that this list has been accruing since 2005. If your media entity's endorsement is no longer accurate, or if it needs to be updated or otherwise revised, please let us know at You can download a new endorsement form here.

Oak Ridge Observer
Thursday, December 2, 2010

We claim no mastery of the economic intricacies involved in the “Bottle Bill,” but it seems clear to us that this resolution represents the right thing—and a long overdue thing—to do, and we urge our County Commissioners to endorse it. You can learn best about how the Bottle Bill works by visiting www.tnbottle There you’ll see it laid out in a way that makes a confusing topic quite clear.

But let’s change the focus from the economic “hows” to the environmental, economic and human benefits this bill could help unleash. While we East Tennesseans celebrate and enjoy an array of natural wonders and resources, including the Smoky and Cherokee Mountains, TVA rivers, lakes, and their tributaries, picnic, camping, boating, and hunting facilities aplenty, the shameful truth is that we’ve trashed them all, and bottles, cans, and other containers constitute a large portion of our trash. Those containers carelessly strewn over land and water are not only a visual blight on our region’s natural beauty, they represent a theft of natural resources from future generations who will need them and could use them—if we cared enough to do the right thing.

Further, who knows what dangers to human health may be encouraged,  if not created,  by the containers and their leftover contents that we have carelessly flung hither and yon and left lying there? The Bottle Bill offers incentives to help us do what we’ve delayed doing for far too long, and offers some economic benefits, too, without further “trashing” of this magnificent setting in which we are privileged to live. … What do you say, County Commission? Can we add our voice to those who have already said it’s time to do the right thing? TN Bottle Bill: the right thing to do.