The following individuals have indicated their support for a 5-cent refundable deposit on beverage containers sold in Tennessee, with returns to redemption centers. Apologies if you've signed up and don't see your name here; we're working hard to update our lists.  Also, please note that these names have been accruing since 2005. If your endorsement is no longer accurate, please let us know at  Finally, if you'd like to be added to this list, you can either send an email to Marge, or you can fill out the form on our Action Network page. If you don't want your name to appear here, or in any other listings that may be seen by the public (we get it), please check the appropriate box in the form. Thanks!

Gerald Adams, Nashville

Ruth Alderson, Duck River

Linda Allen, Murfreesboro

Phillip Allen, Murfreesboro

Mary Amato, Culleoka

Shawna Anders, Nashville

Valda Anderson, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Simim A. Armstrong, Gallatin

Starr Arthur, Portland

Amber Arthur, Portland

Suzanne I. Askew, Memphis

Beth Babbitt, Knoxville

James Baker, Memphis

Debbie Bauman, Nashville

Charles and Lisa Beard, Fairview

Bill Beazell, Kingsport

Robert G. Becker, Nashville

Elsie Becklers, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Cindy Bellis, Baxter

Carmen Bellos, Old Hickory

Clyde and Marilyn Benedict, Thompson Station

David and Arlene Berexa, Franklin

Steve and Yolande Berk, Nashville

Jack E. Beverage, II, Nashville

Faye Biggs, Ashland City

Mary S. Biggs, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Carolyn Bingham, Cottontown

Lyn Bingham, Nashville

Betty Blackwell

Marion R. Bloomer, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Susan Blucker, Brentwood

Robert Bonline, Antioch

Connie Boone, Winchester

Betty Border, Gallatin

Jessica Border, Hendersonville

Rick Boren, McMinnville

Don Borrick, Woodbury

Shannon Bottoms, Nashville

Jhesi Boyer, Nashville

Allison and Tommy Bradford, Primm Springs

Gary Bridgman, Memphis

Ruth Brink, Antioch

Judy Brock, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

William and Susan Brock, Hendersonville

Victoria Broniscer, Memphis

Penny Brooks, Ashland City

Richard Brosmore, Unicoi

Louan Brown, Nashville

D. and Jim Brown, Louisville

William Brown, Nashville

Roger L. Burgess, Nashville

Bert Burgett, Loudon

Alysia Burns, Franklin

Eugene Burr, Knoxville

Jeanette Bush, Shelbyville

Kay Butema, Mt. Juliet

Diane Butler, Nashville

Linda Cadzoni, Nashville

Berdelle Campbell, Nashville

Lucille Campbell, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Amelia N. Canon, Nashville

David O. Carlson, Chapmansboro

Jack Carman, Tullahoma

Linda Case, Hartsville

Evelyn Cass, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Chris Catanzaro, Nashville

J. C. Chapman, Jonesborough

Lynn Chastain, Lebanon

Brita Clark, Johnson City

Bob Clark, Ph.D., Limestone

Erica Cleveland, Clarksville

Linda H. Clifton, Cottontown

Lu Cole, Brentwood

Chad Comer, Red Boiling Springs

Steve Conn, Mount Juliet

Richard Connors, Nashville

Cathy Conrad, Nashville

Charlotte Cooper, Nashville

Lee Cooper, Lenoir City

E. B. Copley, Portland

Diane and Richard Copley, Fisherville

Geraldine Couturier, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Kathryn Cowan, Gallatin

Melanie Crosby, Burns

Jenny Cross, Greenbrier

Pearl Cross, Greenbrier

Kathe Crossley, Elizabethton

Linda Crowder, Nashville

Kathy Crowe, Hendersonville

Dan and Jean Crowe, Nashville

Jim Culbert, Johnson City

Josh Culbert, Johnson City

Judy Cunningham, Murfreesboro

Nancy Dale

Evelyn S. Dana, Nashville

Betty Jo Daniel

Donald and Cynthia Davis, Piney Flats

Paul Davis, Mt. Juliet

Margaret Davitt, Nashville

Wendie Dennison, Old Hickory

John Denny, Nashville

Dawn Dewey, Hendersonville

Madison Diloen, Mt. Juliet

Johanna Ditwarch, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Katherine Dolan, Nashville

John Dollard, Johnson City

Jan Donaldson

Dan Dover, Nashville

Ron Dryer, Madison

Julia Duncan, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Bernice Duvall, Nashville

Dick and Francis Duvall, Nashville

Cyndi Echols, Fairview

Vicky Egulf, Nashville

Jason Ellis, Chapel Hill

Rhonda Ellis, Murfreesboro

John Emberton, Franklin

Taylor Emery, Clarksville

Chuck Emery, Clarksville

Chris Erickson, Gordonsville

Susan Estes

N. Etheridge, Greenbrier

Franci Ferguson, Franklin

Bill Ferrari, Nashville

Mike Fitzpatrick, Nashville

Pat and Rina Flenia, Johnson City

Rachel Floyd, Ashland City

Karen Fran, Franklin

William Franks, Nashville

W. J. Freeze, Murfreesboro

Gina Fromm, Nashville

Steve Fry, Chattanooga

George Gallardo, Pleasant View

Albert F. Ganier Jr.

Evelyn Garrett, Antioch

M. Garrett, Hermitage

Emily Gatlin, Nashville

Hope Gatlin, Nashville

Tom Gatti, Kingsport

Christina Gearheart

Mark Gehring, Joelton

Ed Gertler, Brentwood

Sheila Geshall, Nashville

Jane L. Gessler, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Charles Gibson, Kingsport

Scott Gilbert, Nashville

Jay Gilchrist, Nashville

Pamela Gilchrist, Nashville

Lisa Gillian, Gallatin

Glenn Gillis

Kate Gillmore, Franklin

Pamela Glaser, Chattanooga

Chris & Ann Gorde, Stewart

Roger Gore, Nashville

Sherry Gregory, Hermitage

Virgivin Gregory-Kocaj, Brentwood

Kay Grider, Cookeville

Lila Griffin, Nashville

Charles Griffith, Franklin

Gloria Griffith, Mountain City

Clara Grigsby, Nashville

Marilyn Grivich, Nashville

Janice Hackett, Mt. Juliet

David Hailey, Nashville

Betsy Hall, Nashville

Billie Hall, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Heiskell

Glenn H. Hall, Smyrna

Judy Hall, Smyrna

Mickey Hall, Nashville

Marian Hallock, Hendersonville

Linda Hand, Chapmansboro

Shelley Harkey, Westmoreland

Stephanie Harlan

Jerry Harms, Nashville

Lynn Harrell, Nashville

Robin Harrell, Johnson City

Ron Harrington, Bristol, Va.

George Harris, Nashville

John and Judi Harrison, Piney Flats

Renee M. Harwell, CPA/ABV, ASA, Knoxville

Lissy Hatcher, Nashville

Shirley Hayes, White Bluff

Dwayne Hayes, White Bluff

Gayle Baker Hayes, Mt. Juliet

Reba Haynes, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Cile Henley, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Emma Hensh, Mt. Juliet

Tom and Donna Herbst, Johnson City

Monty Herring, Nashville

Jerry and Marcie Hesoun, Surgoinsville

Kathleen Hexamer, Cumberland Furnace

Sue Hibdon, Nashville

Rebecca Hickman, Pulaski

Terri Hicks, Fairview

Edd Hill, Bristol

Susan A. Hinkel, Washington County

Chuck Hitch, Loudon

Joann and Hardy Hock, Brentwood

Lela Hollabaugh, Nashville

Cindy Holt, Nashville

Pieter Hoonderd, Hendersonville

Anne Louise Horgan, Pikeville

John Hubbard, Cleveland

Murray Hudson, Dyersburg

B.C. Hudson, Nashville

Marcella D. Hudson, Joelton

Jerry Hulen, Nashville

Jane Hundley, Lebanon

Billie R. Hurst, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Opal R. Hurst, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Judy Ide, Franklin

Scott Ingersoll, Whitwell

Herb Ingersoll, Whitwell

Stan and Dorothy Irwin, Elizabethton

Michelle Iucona, McMinnville

Theresa Ivey, Chattanooga

Gail Jackson, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Jean James, Old Hickory

Diana Janis, Crossville

Robert Jansen, Franklin

Jennifer Johnson, Nashville

Donna P. Jones, Murfreesboro

Elgin Jones, Fairview

Frans V. Jones, Franklin

Glenda R. Jones, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Tara Jordan, Hermitage

Meredith and Richard Kalmanek, Culleoka

Larry Kane, Franklin

David Kane, Franklin

Alan Karp, Johnson City

Stephen Karponai, Hendersonville

Jack Keisling, Murfreesboro

Lisa Keith-Lucas, Sewanee

Erica Kimball, Nashville

Caroline Sue Kimbal, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Deborah Kimil, Murfreesboro

Debbie Knight, Mt. Juliet

Don Kreh, Kingsport

Diane Kruse, Nashville

Pat LaFaire, Cross Plains

Christina Lago, Mt. Juliet

Joe & Sue Lambert, Hillsboro

James Lampley, Goodlettesville

Art & Amy Landry, Nashville

Laura Landstreet, Nashville

Susan Lanry, LaVergne

Anthony and Marilyn Lanzalaco, Cosby

P.J. Lareau, Spring Hill

Sharon Lauderback, Madison

Russell Layland, Smyrna

Lisa Lesko, Cookeville

Janis Lester, Donelson

Glenn Anne Liebe, Brentwood

Michael Ligon, Waynesboro

Keith Lilly, Cookeville

Windell Little, Rock Island

Lou Livengood, Loudon

Lisa Long, Kingsport

Julie Lotz, Portland

Suzanne Loux, Nashville

Cindy Lubahn, White House

Patrick Luke, Nashville

Sherry Lynch, Dickson

Michelle Lynch, Nashville

Herman and Dee Maass, Lakewood

Harry Macomber, Nashville

Jane and Jim Maggard, Hermitage

Ross and Patti Malone, Hixson

Beth Maples-Bays, Knoxville

Victor Marrone, Brentwood

Ellen Marsh

Glenn Marshall, Greenback

Debbie Martin, Murfreesboro

Chris Mathes, Watauga

P. Mattox, Eagleville

Joy Mayfield

Cleo Mayfield, Columbia

Steve McCadams, Paris

Georgia McCray, Brentwood

Jocelyn & Bruce Macaulay, Martin

Tim McDowell, Johnson City

Joan McGrath, Carthage

Lucas McHam, Kingsport

Ersley McLemore, Dyersburg

Wanda McNatt, Nashville

Brenda Medlin, Nashville

Susan Meece, Old Hickory

Jameel Mehdy, Nashville

Stacey Merriman, Ashland City

John Meyers, Sevierville

Dav Milburn, Franklin

Patricia Miller, Antioch

John A. Mims, Nashville

Tamara Moeller, Elizabethton

M. P. Monteverde, Nashville

Gary Moore

Rufus Morison, Ph.D., Bristol

Joan Morrison, Nashville

Lisa Morton, Nolensville

Bill Murdoch, Kingsport

Shirley Murphy, Savannah

Tim Murphy, Elizabethton

K. Murray, Lebanon

Margaret Myers, Nashville

Nita Nash, Waverly

Bonny M. Naugher, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Herbert Nelson, Nashville

Robert Ness, Brentwood

Wanda Netterville, Nashville

Pauline Newlin, Goodlettesville

Pat Newman, Hermitage

Juliana Nickers, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Judy and Ron Nichols, Murfreesboro

Bill Nichols, Hendersonville

Pat Nobles, Hendersonville

Tom Noonan, Nashville

Jim Norton, Murfreesboro

Teresa Oakley, Nashville

A. Douglas Oakley, Ridge

Jim Oldham

Jennifer Ollis, Old Hickory

Bryan Ollis, Old Hickory

Jon Olson, Bristol

Bonnie Ordil, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Susan Overstreet, Nashville

Joyce Paar, Kingsport

Wendy Pannell, Murfreesboro

Jae Park, Ph.D., Knoxville

Jim and Claudette Parkes, Lawrenceburg

Deborah Paschall, Murfreesboro

Lois Pate, Mt. Juliet

Lurethia C. Patton, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Russ and Vanessa Pavlik, Hendersonville

Lee Pavlovich, Nashville

Kay and Dan Pelly, Shelbyville

Amy Petulla, Chattanooga

Ed Perryman, Shelbyville

Peggy Phelps, Kingston Springs

Kim Phillips, Kingston Springs

Lisa Phillips, St. Joseph

Steven Pippin, Goodlettesville

Brandon Pippin, Thompson's Station

Frank and Peggy Poag, Franklin

Pat Pollack, Brentwood

Janet Polsteen, Brentwood

Terry Ponder, Johnson City

Connie Pope, Nunnelly

Jeff Poppen, Red Boiling Springs

Priscilla Preiss, Franklin

Glen A. Quile, Westmoreland

Buena Rankin, Nashville

Bill Rankin, Nashville

James Ratcliffe, Franklin

Linda Reed

Emmalee Renfro, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Kay Reynolds, Nashville

Valerie Reynolds, Charlotte

Joyce Reynolds, Dresden

Robert Rice, Nashville

Derek Riley, Nashville

Perry Rindfleisch, Johnson City

Sandy Rini, Knoxville

Robert Ritchie, Elizabethton

Katheleen Rodgers, Cookeville

Robbie and Dillard Rodgers, Jr. , Lebanon

David and Linda Rogers, Camden

Randall Rogers, Elizabethton

Carol Roman, Brentwood

Nelson Ross, Jefferson City

Caroline B. Rowe, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Leslie Ruder

Mary Rufener, Red Boiling Springs

Ken Rushlow, Hermitage

Dr. Eugene J. Sanders, Winchester

Aaron and Jill Satterlee, Mt. Juliet

Roger Schecter, Nashville

Mark S. and Michelle R. Schilling, Knoxville

Pat Schipani, Nashville

Katherine Schmulowty, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Kenneth Schnaars, Nashville

Paul and Dot Schneider, Portland

DiAnne Scott, Mt. Juliet

Sarah Scott, Nashville

Shirley Sedgwick, Gallatin

Dorothy Seek, Johnson City

Vicki Sells, Nashville

Dennis Shekinah, Mountain City

Bob and Anna Sherrill, Abingdon, Va.

Wanda Shotwell

John Shuck, Elizabethton

Robert Shugart, Nashville

Joanna Simmons, Chuckey

Mark Slayle, Hermitage

Judi Small, Madison

T.A. Smith, Kingsport

Michael Smith, Hendersonville

Samuel Smith, Mt. Juliet

Sonia C. Smithson-Griffin, Brentwood

Roy Sofield, Ph.D., Chattanooga

Sharon Spencer, Nashville

Sherlene Spicer, Leipers Fork

Bob Stammer, Brentwood

Arlin Steffanson, Portland

Donna and Jack Stevens, Murfreesboro

Valerie Strong, Nashville

The Very Reverend Kenneth Swanson, Dean, Christ Church Cathedral, Nashville

Jane Swarz, Mt. Juliet

Cathy Sweeney, Lebanon

Leon Syler, Nashville

Julia N. Talley, Charlotte

Bill J. Taylor

Tim Taylor, Franklin

Janice Taylor and Henry, White Bluff

Diana Tennison, Nashville

Judy and Chris Thalen, Shelbyville

Dora Theiss, Brentwood

James Thoman, Nashville

Bethany Tillmer, Nashville

Jennifer Tilson, LaVergne

Ted and Ellen Tingley, Lewisburg

Deborah Torgerson-Paul, Nashville

Sally Townsend, Knoxville

Sharon Trammell, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Andersonville

Ellen Treadway, Shelbyville

Bill Troutt, Gallatin

Rita Trotter, Nolensville

Cynthia Tucker, Westmoreland

Carolyn Turkel, Nashville

Martha Turner

Joe and Carol Ulcek, Kingston Springs

Robert Vachunek, Pleasant View

Dave Van Alstyne, Tullahoma

Frederick Vansdall, Franklin

Karen Veda, Cookeville

Donna Viale-Gertler, Brentwood

Bob Viers, Kingsport

Art Wagen, Nashville

John Wallace, Nashville

Ruth Wallace, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Candy Wansley, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Roman Weber, Nashville

David Weber, Fayetteville

Ben Weir, Fayetteville

Lynda C. Welty, Manchester

Tammy Wemyss, Cedar Hill

Ruth Wendling, Sewanee

Denise Weyer

Alice Wheaton, Cookeville

Larry Wheaton, Cookeville

Emily Whitcomb, Charlotte

Helena C. White, Cherokee Garden Club, Knoxville

Melvin White, Culleoka

Beverly White, Brentwood

James Allen Whitehead, Lawrenceburg

Sydney Whitlock, Antioch

Vincent Whitright, Chuckey

Juanita Whitsett, Cornersville

Doris Whitson, Johnson City

Joyce Wilding, Kingston Springs

Marshall and Donna Williams, Woodbury

Gene Williams, Nashville

Jim Wilson, Jefferson City

Jerry Wimberly, Spring Hill

Janis Wootten, Nashville

Laura Wren, Gordonsville

Elizabeth Wrathis, Flower Lovers Garden Club, Knoxville

Katherine Wright, Green Thumb Garden Club, Knoxville

Sandra Wright, Prospect

Will Wright, Nashville

Billy Wright, Mt. Juliet

Harry and Sara Yoders, Columbia

Katherine Young, Nashville

Jennifer Young, Portland

Tina Young, Ashland City

Amy Zanavich, Madison