TennCan Training Day

Saturday, August 11, 2018
(note change of date!)
9 am to 4 pm CST

Belmont United Methodist Church
Community Center
2007 Acklen Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212

Join experts and fellow advocates for a one-day workshop in Nashville to learn the facts, organize the teams and master the messaging we need to pass beverage container deposit legislation in 2019. We'll offer resources, expertise and guidance in:

  1. Understanding the need for, benefits of and real-world operations of the proposed Tennessee deposit-return bill.
  2. Understanding the importance of a fact-based, honest, consistent and respectful message.
  3. Forming diverse and well-informed TennCan teams in key legislative districts.
  4. Seeking endorsements from the broad range of constituencies whose support carries weight with legislators: businesses, professional associations, farmers and farm bureaus, churches, chambers of commerce, sportsmen, tourism councils, civic organizations, nonprofits and social-service agencies, perhaps even those not traditionally considered allies of deposits, such as craft breweries or grocers. 
  5. Seeking resolutions of support from county commissions, city councils and other local legislative bodies.
  6. Meeting with editorial boards, submitting op-eds and seeking endorsements and feature stories from local media.
  7. Sitting down with incumbent legislators and legislative candidates to discuss the details and benefits of the TennCan proposal and ask their commitment to vote for the bill in 2019.
  8.  And much more!


We may pass the hat, but we're hoping to offer this workshop for free, thanks to support from super-nice people donating to our first-ever GoFundMe campaign, as well as from organizations and businesses that believe in a sustainable economy. If you have ideas for the latter, please contact Marge Davis at (615) 294-2651 or marge@tnbottlebill.org, or note this information in the form below.


Whether you can come or not, we'd like to know you're interested.

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